I began my travels in high school. My first trip abroad was to the United Kingdom. This was an auspicious occasion for me, leaving a third world country like Barbados which is 166 miles long and 26 miles wide for a first world country many times larger than my homeland.

It was my first time on an airplane.  From that time the desire to see places that I had only seen in magazines and always wanting to know what lay beyond the horizon gave birth to my wanderlust beginnings.

I have visited over 70+ countries and every continent except Antarctica.   Sometimes I travel with a group, with family, with a friend, but I mostly like going solo. From my travels I have created several scrapbooks that recount these trips in detail. I’ve acquired a menagerie of refrigerator magnets that have become an icebreaker and conversational piece for visitors to my home. They are often amazed at the places I have visited and listen intently to stories/experiences of my past travels. Their final question is, “Where are you going to next?” and my usual response is, “Wait and see. The world is my oyster.”


  1. Hey, I never knew you like travelling until I visit you in 1991 and saw all those magnets of different countries stuck to your fridge. From viewing the difference photos you post I see you been having a blast. Where too next ……

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  2. Hey I am glad you were able to visit the 70+- countries. For me I love to travel sight seeing and the one you don’t really like , that’s shopping until ya dropped lol

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    • Yes, shopping is not my thing but enjoying a place that I’ve never visited before is what I like to do. Appreciate your comments. Keep visiting my site and reading the blogs. Share with your friends. I’m on Twitter also.


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