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Shared Spaces

Accommodation types have exploded to house the swelling number of travelers in recent times.  From the major hotel chains of yesteryear to the economy inn, we have seen an influx of a variety of lodges that cater not only to the rich or middle… Continue Reading “Shared Spaces”

Accommodation Types

These days there is no shortage of options when one considers where they will lodge during their holiday.  Once upon a time, the main housing choice were hotels, but not anymore.  Hotels had three main categories: budget, deluxe and luxury.  Well, times have changed,… Continue Reading “Accommodation Types”

Comments Matter

Itinerary planning can be an involved and consuming process when plotting vacation activities, a customer may request.  You know, the kind of holiday they would want to talk about and comment on for the rest of their life.  The one that meets their needs,… Continue Reading “Comments Matter”

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