2020 Trip Down Memory Lane

This lockdown makes me long for a vacation to a foreign land now more than ever.  No, I’m not trying to run away from the pall that hangs over our heads.  Conversely, a change of scenery would act like a shot in the arm which would boost my insatiable need to travel.  Even though, I have remained positive and productive indoors, I still crave something different, which begs the saying, “you don’t know how good you feel until you feel bad.”  Never faced with the prospect of not being able to pick up and go, whenever or wherever I want to is foreign to me.  Therefore, I am already considering new travel options, but, where do I go from here?

Everywhere is suspect.  Even my inevitable return from Barbados to the USA makes me nervous.  Is this the new normal for travelers?  How long will it take vacationers to feel comfortable flying to different countries again?  With the grounding of planes and cancellations of flights, will flying return at peak heights in a few short months or will it become a new ‘as needed’ necessity?  I am sure, these and many other questions on future travel are being pondered by travel planners, enthusiast and adventurers like myself.

As I look back on past travel experiences, I am truly glad that I did not waste energy or money when I visited a number of countries around the world.  Some of which are currently reeling from the effects of Covid-19.  In the face of this pandemic, I now depend on my recollections of happier days spent in those countries to bring me joy during a time like this.  We may not be able to come out of our homes (this will not last forever), but we can certainly go down memory lane as often as we like, and review some of the best and worst of times we’ve had while on a vacation.

Community Peeps, there are still many places I want to visit, and God willing, I hope to get there while I can still enjoy it.  Even though the outlook for the travel industry may appear bleak right now, don’t be discouraged.  This too shall pass.  Continue to be safe.  Stay indoors and practice physical distancing.  Write a comment on what you think your future travel plans will look like for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 in the box below.

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More times,

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4 Comments on “2020 Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Memory Lane is my favorite road these days. I look forward to when I can make the long trip home to McCarthy, Alaska and wonder what the fall will bring and how and where I will survive the winter. No plans, though. Who could possibly make plans at a time like this?

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    • The travel future looks uncertain these days, and taking everything into consideration, we can only wait and see how the rest of the year plays out. Still, we can be hopeful and make plans for when times get better. Currently, I enjoy lots of virtual trips of places I may never get to visit but I’m learning a lot about on the internet. So, in the meantime keep the faith. This too shall pass. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your comment.


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